Insurance Claims Investigation

If you have ever been sued, you know that lawsuits cause stress, cost money, and drain resources. The key to getting the advantage in civil litigation is information. The more information you have about the main issue in the lawsuit and your opponent, the better your chances are of winning or having the suit dismissed. At some point, you may be faced with civil litigation, and need quality investigative services to protect your interests. Professional, third-party investigations lead to better outcomes by providing unbiased research and a solid knowledge of the investigation process.

There were more than 250,000 civil filings in U.S. district courts in 2010, according to Private and corporate lawsuits, whether you are suing someone or they are suing you, may involve contract disputes, business operations, financial dealings, and suspicion of criminal behavior. Investigative methods that may be deployed include undercover observations, covert surveillance with cameras, and asset searches. The better prepared party in the suit has a better chance of prevailing.

No matter how ethically you conduct business, you may still become entangled in a lawsuit that requires defense. You'll need a good attorney to help you quickly and economically resolve legal issues. Your attorney needs all the information about the issue, well-documented and easily available to use in legal proceedings. Get all the documented information you need for a successful resolution of a lawsuit from thorough investigation. Verify claimants, get contact information, find witnesses, track down third parties who are involved, reveal discrepancies in claims and evidence, find new verifiable evidence, and save time and money.

A professional investigation into your civil litigation can save you money by reducing your lawyer's billable time, speeding up the proceedings with available information and evidence, and proving your case or disproving your opponent's claims. Solid evidence and documentation presented to a judge is difficult to dispute and gives you and your lawyer the advantage in court. Investigation into the claimant's background can reveal a lot of useful information to help your case. Investigation into civil litigation can mean the difference between winning and losing a claim in court.

The Gold Shield Group provides professional investigation services for your business or personal civil litigation issues.

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