Matrimonial Investigation

Infidelity breaks up relationships, marriages, and families, and causes a lot of suffering. Many times, it's also the basis for legal action, especially if there is a pre-nuptial agreement with an infidelity clause. Many spouses request matrimonial investigations to document infidelity to use in court and legal proceedings.

If you have doubts or nagging questions about matrimonial fidelity, you want answers. Many times spousal suspicions are correct, but the offended parties want proof, especially if there are fit parent or child safety concerns. Surveillance, photo documentation, discrete interviews, clandestine trailing, accurate detail, and documented evidence are hallmarks of matrimonial investigation. The Gold Shield Group investigative professionals use these methods and more to get you the truth you seek.

Rather than try to verify infidelity on your own, using a third party investigation helps you keep your distance and keep your emotions under control until facts are verified. The Gold Shield Group is experienced in all types of investigation, and provides you with the information and documentation you need to verify infidelity.

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