Trial Preparation

Many people involved in litigation don't know much about the legal system and its processes, or what is involved in trial proceedings. They depend on their attorney to guide them through it. You may find yourself at trial for child custody issues, drunk driving charges, breach of contract suits, intellectual property disputes, or any one of numerous other legal issues.

  • Do you want an advantage when you go into court?
  • Are you certain your attorney has all the witness statements needed?
  • Is there information required that your attorney just doesn't have the time or resources to uncover?

The Gold Shield Group offers trial preparation services for your attorney so you are both ready with all the facts and information needed to win at trial. Let our professional investigators use their expertise to work with your lawyer to follow leads, track down witnesses, uncover fraud, and observe the other side to find facts to bring in front of the judge. You'll benefit from additional professional investigation into child custody issues, identity theft, infidelity, insurance fraud, and frivolous lawsuits and increase your chances of winning at trial.

Contact The Gold Shield Group via our online form or call us directly at 212-763-8567 and find out how we can help you and your lawyer better prepare for trial.