Verifying Employees

How do you qualify the candidates who apply to your company for employment? What do you know about applicants before you hire them? Are your human resources processes totally legally compliant and fully protecting your business and your staff? If you have questions like these, you need to review your hiring processes. You may have some legal liability that requires attention.

Human resources processes that are compliant with current legislation protect your business from costly fines and legal action. HR and security processes that identify and qualify employment candidates before and during recruiting and hiring protect you and your staff from potentially dangerous or negligent hires. If you don't know that great sales applicant has been fired from three previous jobs for anger problems because you didn't check with former employers and hire him or her, you and your employees may be exposed to undesirable and unsafe behavior.

Pre-employment verification is an important part of recruiting and retaining the best employees, and in many cases, it's legally required. The first step in the verification process normally is verifying work authorization, or employment eligibility. The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 requires employers to verify the employment eligibility of all employees with federal Form I-9. Employers who don't comply by correctly completing an I-9 form and collecting acceptable work authorization documents face fines and other legal consequences. Other important aspects of verification include verifying education credentials, work history, credit history, motor vehicle records, drug use, and criminal background.

Verification benefits your business by saving money, keeping you from legal entanglements, and protecting your employees. The Gold Shield Group provides employee verification services to protect your company during the hiring process. We verify identification and former employment so you can be assured you really know your employees.

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