Construction Site Security

Construction is big business, whether you are building for others or hiring someone to build for you. A construction site represents a substantial amount of money tied up in staff, materials and equipment, usually in the public eye. If not secured properly, or even many times with security measures in place, criminals target the tools and equipment and make off with your investment. Even if insurance covers the stolen items, further losses are incurred with work delays.

Construction sites are busy places bustling with workers, power tools, heavy equipment, bulky supplies, and many opportunities for accidents and theft. Accidents and injuries cost money, put employees at risk, and cause production delays. Construction site theft and vandalism is equally expensive and disruptive. Don't leave your construction site unprotected. Contact The Gold Shield Group to audit your site for safety issues, patrol with experienced guards, and train your construction staff about security.

Consider new technology tools such as GPS tracking devices on construction equipment or a wireless security system that alarms and monitors your site remotely. Sites in high crime areas benefit from a round-the-clock physical security presence with security patrols. Protect your investment and your construction project with construction site security.

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