Executive Protection

The Gold Shield Group is a recognized leader in executive security including executive protection, bodyguard and event security.

In recent year's crimes against corporate executives, celebrities and high profile individuals has been steadily increasing. Attempts of kidnapping and extortion are on the rise and they are not always motivated by greed. To protect these individuals and their families against these attacks The Gold Shield Group, can provide on a very short notice the services of security specialists trained to prevent and/or contain such events.

Our staff consists of present and former Law enforcement Protection Specialists and former Military Intelligence Specialists working on a regular basis as staff and supervisors with our executive protection division. The Gold Shield Group is highly recognized in the field of executive protection. Most of the staff have been trained through the New York City Dignitary Protection Course and have in the past been assigned to provide protection for The President, Vice President, Heads of State, United Nations General Assembly, and Summits in New York City.

We have personnel who are trained in defensive driving, special weapons, operations, tactics and hostage negotiations. These services are available around the clock throughout the tri-state area and beyond. We also have the ability to readily blend into the settings we are assigned to, and work inconspicuously with the clients we are assigned to protect.

Ronald Lawson posing with Ron Silver at the Republican National Convention.

Mark and Ron with with Dan Sweany at the Water Club.

Ron and Mark with the Surgeon General at the Heisman Trophy awards.


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