Retail Security

Customized Retail Security Programs from The Gold Shield Group

The Gold Shield Group offer you experts in retail security and offer you a customized retail security program designed to meet your specific needs.

According to F.B.I. statistics, pilferage is a multi-billion-dollar burden on the nation's retailers annually and it is growing. Our unarmed security affiliate has been security industry leaders in the fight against this type of crime. They currently provide security for some of the nations leading retail chains.

Collective experience has shown them ways to detect and prevent problems as use of stolen or counterfeit credit cards, false bottom bags, switched price tags, special garments to facilitate shoplifting, posses, fraudulent returns and disposal of trash along with valuable merchandise. The security officers are trained to be alert for these and similar circumstances. Equally important is insuring that the security officers neither overreact to incident nor make libelous accusations. The applied security training involved covers these contingencies.

We are confident that we can custom design a security program for your retail operation that will more than pay for itself by reducing "shrinkage" and providing employee and customer safety.

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