Security Consulting Audit and Training Consulting

Doing business involves security issues, including regulatory compliance and legal responsibilities. Employment law, Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations, illegal drugs, gang activities, industrial espionage - these are just a few of the security issues that affect your business.

  • Are your managers and employees aware of security issues in your company?
  • Do you have security processes in place to minimize and eliminate security liabilities?
  • Have you experienced business losses in any of these areas?

The Gold Shield Group offers professional security audits to evaluate your current processes, procedures, business policies and working environments. We identify legal compliance gaps, regulatory safety issues, and working environment liabilities. We audit your operations and clearly document your security issues so you can make adjustments to improve the safety and security of your business. Additionally, we can present our findings to your staff and management and suggest the best way to make changes.

Our security professionals are experienced in law enforcement, crime prevention, and personal, business, and public security issues and solutions. We customize training to make your employees aware of safety rules and regulations, educate your management about security legal liabilities and responsibilities, and raise awareness about proper security processes and procedures. The Gold Shield Group is the leading security company in the New York City area.

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