Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures from Industry Experts The Gold Shield Group

The Gold Shield Group offers you industry experts in technical surveillance countermeasures. Upon referral, the technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) surveys are conducted using cutting edge procedures and equipment. The Technical Support Division performing these duties is staffed with experienced professionals who are constantly updating their knowledge base to ensure that the latest electronic eavesdropping methods and technology are taken into account during a sweep of your office or residence. While each client's needs will vary, here is what takes place during a typical TSCM Survey.

Radio spectrum analysis
To counter the threat from remotely monitored radio transmitters a thorough analysis of the radio spectrum in and around the area concerned is conducted. In this procedure, a counter measure analyzer, which has been specifically designed from the ground up for this specialized type of work, is utilized. All signals, from the bottom of the radio spectrum to well into the microwave frequency range are detected, demodulated and identified. An RF Profile for the specific location is created and logged to a database for future reference, allowing our technicians to pinpoint anomalous RF conditions during future surveys.

Telecommunications systems analysis
A thorough physical inspection and analysis of your telecommunications systems using several pieces of specialized equipment to identify and correct any anomalies is conducted.

Physical inspection
In addition, a thorough and methodical physical search and inspection of your premises is conducted. Another piece of the specialized TSCM equipment, the Non-Linear Junction Detector is used in this procedure to detect electronic eavesdropping devises whether they are active or dormant.

Report and security review
Upon completion a comprehensive report of the findings, with observations and recommendations to improve the security of private information is provided. Additionally, a secure, confidential database of your specific TSCM profile is maintained. Essentially, a "snapshot" of your premises after it has been declared secure. This will allow a valuable point of reference to be used on any future or follow up surveys while providing the best service the industry has to offer.

A complete sweep of premises using a Non-Linear Junction Detector which has been specifically designed to detect the presence of non-RF surveillance devices.

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