Inexpensive and easy-to-use electronics are available to almost anyone now. Your neighbor can easily and economically install a surveillance camera above his garage door and monitor his home remotely from his cell phone. Your wife can install wireless hidden cameras in every room of your home to monitor the babysitter or home health aide caring for grandpa. And if you're not vigilant enough, your competitors can sneak into your facility and bug your board room to try to steal your trade secrets or market strategy.

Government and law enforcement agencies aren't the only entities to use covert listening and viewing methods. In today's business environment, proprietary information can mean a competitive advantage. Information can mean the difference between profits or losses. Unethical practices such as hacking computers, voicemail and email, and bugging phones, seem to be in the news regularly.

Electronic listening devices, bugs, and hidden video cameras are used in business, by law enforcement agencies, governments and individuals. Bugs and hidden cameras are used in cases of industrial espionage, surveillance of criminal activity, and suspicion of marital infidelity. Common rooms that are targeted to be bugged or put under camera surveillance include bedrooms, offices, board rooms, and conference rooms. If you suspect, or know, that your home or office is bugged or wired, The Gold Shield Group can sweep your location to verify hidden devices.

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