The Gold Shield Group utilizes the latest in cutting edge electronic equipment in our counter surveillance sweeps. Below is a sample of the types of equipment employed.

OSCOR is a complete eaves-dropping detection package that is portable, programmable and able to protect your environment 24 hours a day.


Electronic Countermeasures Receiver
A radio receiver used to analyze, demodulate and record all signals in the radio frequency spectrum present in a given area.


Counter Surveillance Probe Monitor
A portable receiver that allows the operator to sweep a location for a number of surveillance devices, without sacrificing mobility.


Electronic Telephone Analyzer
An instrument used to conduct precise measurements of conditions present on a given Telephone Line or Electronic Telephone System to identify the presence of anomalies.


Time Domain Refectometer
An extremely sophisticated device that essentially acts as a Radar system for wiring of all types. It is instrumental in the detection of modern telephone surveillance equipment.


Non Linear Junction Evaluator
A device capable of pinpointing the presence of electronic components such as transistors by exposing them to radio frequency energy and evaluating the resulting feedback.