Executive Protection,
Bodyguard, Event Security

We have personnel who are trained in defensive driving, special weapons, operations, tactics and hostage negotiations. These services are available around the clock throughout the tri-state and Las Vegas area.

The Gold Shield Group - Executive Protection, Investigations, Security Management & Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Welcome to The Gold Shield Group, offering you a host of security services including executive protection, investigations, security management and technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM). The expert team at Gold Shield consists of present and former Law Enforcement Specialists, Detectives, Investigators and former Military Intelligence Specialists. The Board of Directors alone represents hundreds of years of law enforcement experience.

We are delighted to work with such a professional and reliable team in our endeavor to protect our clients while they are in New York City

Gavin Jones,
Director of Security The St. Regis

New York
1325 Avenue of the Americas, 27th Fl
New York, NY 10019
Office: 212-763-8567
Fax: 516-294-6533
Long Island
734 Franklin Ave, Suite 576
Garden City, NY 11530
Office: 516-294-6030
Fax: 516-294-6533

Shopping Center Security
By Ronald Lawson and Mark Slovensky

After 9/11 how long was it before you felt safe flying a commercial aircraft? How long was it before you felt safe within a government facility? It took awhile to give the entire population a comfort feeling and this was done only through change to the system.

By Dan Rattiner | danspapers.com

Recently The Gold Shield Group was featured in an article on danspapers.com. Read about the author's encounter whth Ron Lawson and Mark Slovensky of The Gold Shield Group at the 13th annual Hamptons International Film Festival.